IoT as a Service

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Managed M2M Connectivity

Providing connectivity for mission-critical devices across our fully-managed NeX platform is the core of N’osairis proposition. Giving our enterprise customers a choice to connect their assets across dozens of mobile/ISP networks in countries that we are operational in. N’osairis provides reliable and secure connectivity solutions for applications including ATM’s, Digital Signage, Kiosk, Point of Sale, Medical Appliances, WiFi Analytics and Connected Vehicles, amongst other applications that need M2M connectivity. The N’osairis multi-carrier advantage, coupled with the NeX management platform, ensures that our customers experience world-class service, support and reliability for their wireless deployments locally and across Southeast Asia.

N’osairis is a leading multi-carrier provider of business-grade fixed cellular broadband solutions, offering independent solutions covering all operators and multiple hardware vendors. Managed M2M Connectivity from N’osairis is a proposition to deliver out-of-the-box, end-to-end mobile broadband solutions including hardware and 3G/4G/ADSL/Fiber connectivity. N’osairis Managed M2M Connectivity addresses a broad range of needs, covering those served traditionally by both fixed and mobile cellular providers.

IoT Business Consulting

At N’osairis, we enable enterprises to explore how IoT can enhance their businesses be it in terms of productivity, scalability, efficiency or even profitability. We engage with our potential customers to understand and capture their current business methodologies and come up with feasible, reliable and secured enterprise grade strategies that can take their businesses to the next level through the use of IoT.

Once the IoT strategy has been endorsed by the customer, we will then proceed to build the IoT solution which is tailor-made to customers’ business needs. This is done through getting the customer connected to the N’osairis very own NeX platform which is an out-of-box IoT Ecosystem.

Managed IoT Solutions

At N’osairis, we understand that our customers have their own core business to focus on hence once we have captured the right requirement we take the liberty to design, deploy and manage the entire IoT solution with a guaranteed services uptime.

We take 2 approaches in providing managed IoT services, one is on a project basis whereby we gather the business requirement, consult on the right IoT solution, build it and hand it over to the customer to be managed. The second approach is on a managed services fashion whereby we deploy the IoT strategy on a turnkey basis and manage the IoT ecosystem on behalf of the customer. Thus, enabling them to subscribe to our services on a Opex model.



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